Bible Story Treasure Hunt

The treasures will be placed in the city limits, on public property in locations inspired by the Bible Stories. As you find the treasures, take pictures of them in their locations. After you have found all six treasures, email the pictures and a picture of your finders, to  

Please do not pick up the treasures and don’t ruin the fun for others by revealing their locations. 

The first FOUR teams/individuals to find all six Bible Story treasures will win a local restaurant gift card. Each team/individual that finds the six hidden treasures and emails their pictures to will receive a participation surprise. (One per family)

Continue to transform your family by being in God’s word and spending time together!

Here are the clues

  1. Daniel 3 - Go to the place that volunteers get their equipment to fight fires. Explore the park to the west, the treasure is not in the mulch, made out of tires.

  2. Exodus 2:1-7 - This precious, little treasure is among the reeds and cattails. You might
    catch a glimpse of it, if you stand on the bridge with white hand rails.

  3. Luke 19:1-9 - Take a hunting break, have a picnic and play. This little playground will
    provide the kiddos fun for today. Have them zoom down the red tube slide and run east
    to the sycamore tree. This is where the golden treasure will be.

  4. Luke 8:4-15 Time to harvest this treasure at the new part of the walking path. As you walk on the sidewalk just south of the fertile soil, look in the rocky path.

  5. Matthew 14:22-36 - Investigate around the fishing lake.  The treasure will not be in the
    water, for safety’s sake.

  6. Luke 5:1-11, 27-32 - Search the entrance of a place that continues to nurture (disciples) fishers’ of men. Jesus’ “NET” is a blessing to get caught in.


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